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sujon kumar3262
May 09, 2022
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And Video Online advertising formats . The project C Level Executive List produced its first important result at the beginning of 2016: a vademecum made available to all operators in the sector , entitled " Viewability: some basic principles to favor a more homogeneous use in the market ". Targeting and beyond A second performance C Level Executive List metric that was recently introduced to the market refers to targeting effectiveness, i.e. the percentage of impressions C Level Executive List that reach the desired target of a campaign. The international “in-target C Level Executive List percentage is on average 48%; also in this case Italy is in line with the international average. A campaign may not be in-target, for example due to a limited update of demographic data or the C Level Executive List use of cookies present in devices shared by several people. Viewability and targeting are therefore very useful especially for large advertising investors in order to optimize the ROI C Level Executive List of their campaigns. But it is possible to go even further: Today it is also possible to carry C Level Executive List out much more in-depth analyzes, concerning for example the quality of the page and the crowding of the contents, and qualitative measurements which in the future will greatly C Level Executive List improve the service and which will be increasingly important. such as Brand Safety, i.e. the consistency of the C Level Executive List advertising content with respect to the container, to the publisher who hosts it. Mobile Advertising is now worth almost half a billion euros, and 77% of Mobile Surfers use smartphones for at least one phase of the purchasing process.

sujon kumar3262

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